Up to $2,500.00 will be available twice a year to organizers of CPS events which stimulate physiology research, integration and/or teaching in Canada.  For example, the funds can be used as seed money for the holding of a regional meeting, or promotion of the CPS at a national or international conference.

There will be two competitions for funds, with application deadlines January 1st and July 1st. Multiple awards may be allocated at any competition. Any funds available from the January competition will be carried forward to the July 1st competition.

Regular CPS members are eligible to apply. Send a 1-2 page proposal to the secretary of the CPS, describing the amount requested, date, location and nature of the planned event.  Indicate how the requested funds will support the event and how the event will foster Canadian physiology. Events sponsored by the CPS Promotional Fund will display a CPS banner to promote the Society and recognize its financial support.


2014 - University of Alberta, Department of Physiology:  Centennial Celebration symposium - $2,500.