The Canadian Physiological Society is a non-profit society that serves as a forum for the dissemination and discussion of scientific information of interest to researchers in Physiology and related Biological Sciences. The Canadian Physiological Society was founded in 1935, following a 1934 meeting in Montreal of the following eminent Canadian physiologists:
C.H. Best, L. Irving, G.F. Marrian and P.J. Moloney (U of T);
G.S. Melvin (Queen’s)
J.K.W. Ferguson (UWO)
E.G. Asselin (U Montreal)
B.P. Babkin, J.S.L. Browne, J.B. Collip, R.V. Christie, R.L. Stehle, J. Tait and D.L. Thompson (McGill).
The inaugural President was Dr. J.B. Collip, elected in 1936. (From The History of the Canadian Physiological Society 1935-1969, by G. Harold Ettinger, published in Physiology Canada in 1971.)

  • Our Vision: A vibrant group of scientists working nationally and globally to understand how the human body works in health and disease.
  • Our Mission: We support young and established physiologists in Canada, connecting them with scientists around the world.

Membership is available for all career stages.
Benefits of a CPS Membership

  • Reduced registration fees for the CPS Annual Meeting and ability to sponsor abstracts.
  • Eligible for awards given by the Society, including the Stevenson Lectureship and Student Travel Awards.
  • Receipt of CPS alerts and news by email or via the website.
  • Ability to post job advertisements and other announcements to the membership.
  • Reduced subscription rates for the Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology (see Publications).
  • Eligible for travel subsidies for approved CPS-sponsored meetings and symposia.